Day 189 – Tuesday

Networking group went well. They are at a new location so no more Carl’s Jr. By the time all of the stragglers who got lost or forgot arrived, there were 13 people which was a record. The other groups have 20-30 per week but this is a good start.

My 30 second commercial went well and I gave out my sales letter. For the first time, I didn’t feel like running from the room in terror before giving it. It was a pretty good meeting.

After went over to my new financial advisor to sign paperwork to transfer from my Schwab accounts over to Edward Jones. This part isn’t costing me anything. My advisor and I also talked about his interest in the new product I introduced today. He is looking for help getting more clients and I have some strategies that can help him. Once he pays we can get started.

I worked the rest of the day. Dinner was chicken with garlic cheese and farmers market green beans.