Day 159 – Resting

Today my plan was to relax. That was actually what I scheduled. I don’t normally do that however I’m experimenting with not trying to work on Sundays. If anything it will make me more excited to get back into things on Monday and my plan isn’t to take Monday off even though it is officially a holiday.

I went to the farmers market in the morning. I think prices here are about 1/3 the prices at the farmers markets in Minnesota. Grocery store prices are not that much different between there and here. But tomatoes in the Minnesota farmers market, for example, seemed like about $3/lbs while they are $1 to $1.50/lbs in Sacramento.

I got some tomatoes, Thai basil, lemon cucumbers, and green beans. I did other grocery shopping later so I would be set for the next few days. I’ll be having chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese, garlic, and herbs tomorrow most likely.

I had a nice long visit with my father in the afternoon. It was good to catch up since I had been away all summer.

Overall a nice day.