Day 158 – Tapas

Catherine and Brunch
Catherine with the first course

Today is my daughters’ birthday and since I’m in the same state now as one of them, I drove to Berkley to visit my daughter Catherine. We had brunch at La Marcha Tapas Bar.

First Course
First course at La Marcha (I don’t recall what it was except delicious. The red was a berry jam, not siraccha).
Eggs and Pork Ribs
Eggs and Pork Ribs

I had been there once before with Catherine on a day last summer when it was nearly 100F in Berkeley and thus 90+F in the restaurant (no AC, never needed). Despite the heat then, it was really good and I wanted to come back. Catherine had been back since and reported it was still good when it wasn’t hellishly hot in the restaurant. They had started a brunch service a few months ago that I wanted to try out so we went and had a nice time.

Tortas and Toast

It was great to catch up with her and we had a nice visit.

House Churros with Chocolate dipping sauce