Day 143 – Friday

Outside of a good client call today, and winning a game of Catan during game night, I went back to working on a brief video for my website.

Now that I have a good demo site to use as a background I could get to actually making the video demonstrating how to set up a part of it. I ended up doing 3 versions and by the third was practiced enough that it went pretty smoothly. Editing was easy because I got into the habit of not speaking much while moving the mouse so if I messed up what I was saying, I could just repeat it until it sounded good, knowing that I could trim out those parts of the video. The video is a screen capture of me modifying the website so this sort of jump cutting doesn’t have a visible artifact like it would if the camera was looking at my face while I was talking. I’ll finish cleaning up the blog post that goes with this video and should be able to have it online Monday.