Day 107 – I’ll take Mayo any day

My girlfriend Chris and I got up early and drove to Rochester, MN for her checkup at the Mayo Clinic. Everything went well and she can walk more easily now. I was impressed at the size and luxury of the place. Much of it made me think of a 4 star hotel rather than a medical center. The main building we were in was 19 stories tall and there were additional adjacent buildings in the main complex plus other related hospitals. We had to park 2 blocks away from our destination but there is a network of underground tunnels connecting them. They are well lit, carpeted, with nice wall coverings and benches and seats at regular intervals (vs concrete lined and damp). And that was just the start.

I know what I saw of the hospital where I had my heart surgery was very nice. And my family says the rest of it was exceptionally nice. I was aware it was nice and distracted by my recovery when I was there as a patient so I can’t quite compare. But Mayo was pretty amazing.

We were exhausted when we got home from getting up early and all so not much more to tell. We got take out from the local BBQ place we like (ZZQ) and went to bed pretty early.