Day 88 – Everything is Better with Cake!

OMG Cake

By morning we had a full house and it was a fun day. I’m running behind so I’ll not cover all of the details. I’m used to a lot more quiet and alone time and adjusting to more hustle and bustle around me is distracting me from writing time. I’ll get a new rhythm in a few days.


Traditional Norwegian Kransekake, almond cake


Angela’s three tiers of goodness


This one is gluten free. I never knew gluten free could taste so good.

The wedding reception for my girlfriend Chris’ daughter Rebecca was really nice. It was held at a nearby park which had a large covered pavilion with about 15 picnic tables underneath. (That is common here due to the changing weather). My Chris’ friend Angie made the wedding cakes (raspberry filling, chocolate filling, and gluten free with chocolate frosting) and they were all delicious. Chris made the Norwegian Kransekake which is a traditional wedding cake there. It is a tower of concentric rings made of almond and egg white. Everyone had a nice time and it was a beautiful evening.