Day 87 – Green

Everything is so green

It is really green here. I know I’ve mentioned it. I like it.

I spent some time working today, some website work and some working on my own plans.

There is a wedding reception for my girlfriend Chris’ daughter Rebecca tomorrow and while there isn’t much planning to do for it today, we did get ready for more than the normal number of people at dinner and so forth since some people are getting here early and staying at the house. This will be the 2nd of their two wedding reception in the States.

I made red-sauce and meatballs. There was also some more Settlers of Catan after dinner. Rebecca’s husband Daniel is obsessed with the game so we played another couple of rounds. It appears that this is all my fault since I introduced the game to Chris and then she to her friends and then it kept spreading. I’m indirectly responsible for ten or more purchases of the base game plus expansion sets. I should get a sales commission.