Day 82 – Happy Father’s Day

Today was Father’s Day. In no particular order. There was ice cream. There were cards. There was a nice long visit with my father. There were fun conversations with my daughters. There was a nice dinner with my mom and step dad. And pleasant weather.

A while ago, I spoke of a second blog focused on my business. I described excitedly planning for it and then nothing more was reported here.  Now, and by request, an update.

At the time I had gotten rather excited by a couple of things I had read about email marketing and writing to customers and such.  In particular writing daily. I think it is a good idea for some businesses/markets/customers. During that period, I was researching several different things and came across a sales and marketing book I decided to pursue further (mentioned back in Day 75).

This book continues to be fascinating. It’s approach of having homework questions to answer has helped me understand myself better and understand more about my potential customers and what I want to do for them. At this point, I’m working through the book and trusting to follow the process it lays out.

There is no magic described in the book, nor does it promise quick or amazing results. It does cover material I have read and listened to before. However by asking me probing questions and having me write them down, and leading me down a path, I feel like I’m building a better foundation for what will come.

Daily emails or a daily business blog is a tactic. The book is helping me see an overall strategy. Once I understand enough of the strategy, I’ll know with more confidence which specific tactics to choose. I do understand I have not shared anything very specific about this here. I will in future.

The book has given me a lot more confidence to talk about what I do. I believe I’ve mentioned that (again without much detail) in previous entries.  [Actually I broke continuity and improvised it into Day 80 when I was editing that entry just now.]  I’m also seeing that I’m drawn to a much more direct approach to meeting customers such as in person events or over the phone vs trying to get customers through whizz-bang automated online marketing programs. A lot of what I’ve read elsewhere is focused on the online part.  And there is something to be said for whizz-bang automation.  I’ll be experimenting with FaceBook Advertising at some point.

However my ideal customer didn’t grow up with social media. They use Facebook but not the way my daughters, for example, can use social media. Like me, my ideal customer is a little old fashioned.

The most important thing is to be likable and relatable and tell a good story about how I can help my customer and solve their problems and how the results will be amazing.