Day 70 – 10 weeks in

I got some promising emails from people looking at the junk wonderful items I listed on Craigslist Free and went back over to my apartment in the morning and got the furniture removed that I was looking to get out of there. Of the pieces I’m not taking with me, there is just my bed left and I have ample time to find a way to get it moved out. The professional movers arrive Thursday to move everything else. And then cleaning and inspection and so forth. Stories for another day.

Since this is Tuesday, that means it is now 10 weeks since my surgery. The good news is how anticlimactic anniverseries like that have become. I continue to recover just fine. I’m looking forward to being able to go back to lifting stuff with my arms in 2 weeks. Strangely, I’m especially looking forward to starting to do pushups, considering I NEVER had a habit of doing pushups before. Since I am not allowed to do them, that is having a strong effect.

I had a nice visit with my father. It is good to see he is still doing as well as he can and he was pretty talkative today and telling jokes and all. It felt very good to see that.

I’m catching up on “homework” in a book I bought called “Book Yourself Solid” ( about how to get more business clients if you are in a service industry like mine. I was reading ahead when I was in San Francisco waiting at times for DaughterA and I needed to go back and do the exercises. I’m learning a lot from this. I feel like it covers much of the material promised by multi-thousand dollar online training programs. The difference here is this is a book that you read and it cost $22.