Day 6 – Training

I woke up feeling better than the day before.  I’m still waking up multiple times through the night but I’m eventually getting enough sleep and since I mostly sit around resting during the day, I’m not using a lot of energy.  I was promised that there would be regular days that didn’t feel as good and yesterday can be one of those days.

Overall I’m not in pain, just some discomfort in my chest like there is a brick strapped to it.  The skin feels very tight like there is a big lump even though there isn’t.

My medical team recommends gradually increasing the walking but I felt good after yesterday and ended up doing 2 blocks of 10 minutes each today.  The second one was more tiring but I’ll adjust.

I had been thinking about cutting back my pain meds a bit and wanted to talk to the nurse.  As it turns out, she had a scheduled call with me anyway.  My vitals sounded good to her and she suggested reducing to morning/evening pain meds with Tylenol in between.  At this point the pain meds take the edge off of coughing when I cough.  There is still gunk in my lungs I need to shake out.

I’ve also been realizing that I’m basically in physical training for the rest of my life.  I’ve never been excited about exercise.  However I’d rather be alive so I’m willing to compromise.  It is exciting to see what shape I’ll be in a year from now.  I have not thought about my life like this before.

Other than that I started to setup the basic website for my blog.  I decided that if I can run the blog on a two week delay, it will make it easier to do posts in batches and schedule them for future posting rather than having a daily writing deadline.  I’m keeping rough notes about each day but then those have to be expanded upon to what will actually show up on this site.  The posting delay seems like it will make things a lot easier.