Day 4 – Elevated Feet

I found I wasn’t very tired during the day which was nice.  I had napped some during each day so far and this was the first day I didn’t feel like I needed that.  I also felt more used to getting around the house.  It didn’t feel as exhausting.

Both professionally and as a hobby I’m almost always doing one computer project or another.  Lately it has been building websites though there were a couple of programming projects I had been working on.  In the interest of keeping my mind busy while acknowledging that my mind was not working at it’s best, I needed something that wasn’t related to my business in any way for fear of what insanity might result.

There is a video game development system I’d been looking at for a few years, Defold, which I had not yet had a chance to try.  There was a simple little game I had put together for my Girlfriends 7th grade coding class that she teaches and I figured it would be safe to learn Defold and convert my game into that.  So I started reading.  It is slow going since it is hard to concentrate, but it mostly keeps me out of trouble.

Day 4 - Elevated Feet
Michael’s feet in their properly elevated position.

Though I did notice a growing numbness in my right foot.  I read through some of the material I was sent home with and there was a part about keeping your feet elevated because of fluid build up.  Especially in my right leg with the missing vein there are fewer paths for fluid to get back to the rest of me.  And while my feet were on a foot stool, the material from the hospital said your feet need to be at the level of your heart.  If you are resting them on a foot stool (they said ottoman), then that isn’t high enough dummy.  It didn’t say dummy but I sort of felt that.  So we added pillows and by 1am my foot was feeling more normal.

I didn’t bother trying to sleep on the bed and stayed in the recliner.  I woke up several times and was up for several hours in the middle of the night but I made it through and slept when I could.