Day 912 – Wednesday

I got my second picture of the lake.  I like the idea of being able to take the same picture for the remainder of the time I’m here to see the color changes.  Today doesn’t much different than yesterday.

When I got back I did some essay editing work for my daughter Elizabeth.  She is down to essays from 2 schools left.  I’m sure she will be elated when she is done.

I got a lot of writing done for a promotional project I’m doing, plus finishing up emergency fixes on a website, and getting ready for a coaching meeting tomorrow.

In the evening I had enough energy that despite us having enough leftovers I made curry and an egg bake tomorrow.  I also started an experimental dessert.  I wanted to try making Kaffir Lime flavored potts du creme.  I started with a 1 to 1 ratio sugar syrup with lime leaves and it took up the flavor nicely.  Based on a coconut Kaffir lime ice cream recipe I used coconut milk along with the cream.  I’m not that crazy about the flavor so far but Chris likes so I’ll continue.  I’ll bake the custard in the morning and we can try it tomorrow night.