Day 907 – Friday

Chris works from home on Friday’s and then went to Farmington in the afternoon for her one current tutoring client.  On the way back she picked up Cain’s Chicken.

It’s properly called Raising Cain’s Chicken.  They specialize in chicken fingers and that is all.  Breaded fried chicken breast tenders.  They also sell coleslaw, fries, chicken sandwiches, their Cain’s Sauce, and drinks.  Their menu is like In-n-Out in it’s pure dedication to one sort of food.

Also like In-n-Out they don’t franchise.  They started in Lousiana and are in select locations across the US and control every aspect of their privately held business.

Their locations are drive-thru right now and there is typically a 30-minute drive through line because they are VERY popular.  A very interesting business.

Oh, their chicken is very good for fast food.  Far far better than my memory of KFC.  Not as good as the really good fried chicken restaurant Chris and I tried in Memphis a couple years ago.  It is, after all, fast fod (despite the drive-thru wait).