Day 866 – Sunday

It was hot today so we stayed in.

I received the sad news from my mom that her beloved cat Panther had to be put down today. He had been gradually getting sicker from tumors over the past year. He had a recurring cough and would go into coughing fits and then otherwise be perfectly happy and cat like. It got bad enough today that it was time to say farewell. He wasn’t in any particular discomfort until the end. It is sad but he lived a happy life for a cat.

Later in the day I had a nice chat with my daughters via Zoom. My portable green screen background arrived today so I experimented with that on the call. It lets me have a much cleaner key between me and the background. And the virtual background I’ve been lately playing with is a picture of my office as it normally appears except for the view out the window replaced with a distant image of Mt Fuji in Japan. I enjoy the goofiness of it.