Day 862 – Wednesday

I woke up very early (4am?) realizing I needed to start on a website project for a new client.

The project isn’t a surprise but I have a list of about 10 things from them and need to dig in and see what needs to be done on them. So that got started today.

Their website was built more by hand than I recommend which means if someone new comes on to work on it (me) there is a lot more up front work to figure out what is going on with it. So it’s more expensive for them especially as they wanted to go with paying me by the hour which I don’t normally want to do.

I figured it out, fixed several of the things on their list and had recommendations about the others. There is one part where their website is set up wrong. Basically there is a programming mistake behind the scenes. Because I want to learn some of the more advanced techniques in play here I want to experiment with how to fix it. Hopefully have a solution tomorrow.

They were pleased with my fixes and analysis of the other issues so far. From their experience I’m moving fast so I’m pleased I was inspired to wake up early.

Later in the day had a call with a (now) new client. She is a referral from another client and basically came onto the call ready to hire me if they money was right (it was). I’ll give a referral fee to my original client.

In the evening, Chris and I met a friend of hers at a local restaurant, outside at their patio. This restaurant has comfortable procedures for people to eat there. Each table outside has a separate table next to it just for serving. So instead of staff putting food in front of you, the put it on the table at the end while well away from us and then we pass the food ourselves. Masks required for everyone unless you are sitting at a table. Payment is via cell phone and the menu comes up on your phone from scanning a QR code. (They will give a disposable paper menu if you need one).

Food was good and the process was good. Tables are spaced well apart and you have to make a reservation for a patio table. I’d go back.