Day 850 – Friday

I had a couple calls and did marketing work on my own business. I also finished up helping Chris a bit get ready for her driving trip tomorrow. She and Laura are driving to Utah to visit Chris’ son. 2 long days driving to get there, 2 days to safely visit, and 2 long days driving back.

I helped carry things for packing and helped cook some things so they would have a good quantity of food on hand for the drive there.

It’s gotten warm here and supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Today isn’t awful but it’s definitely hot. No walking outside today and probably no walking outside tomorrow.

I’ve successfully moved my marketing emails from one email marketing tool to another. On the other hand, I wanted to write something about that to my email list and probably spend 3 hours trying to write 5 versions of that email before one was finally suitable.

I’m also concluding the Raspberry Pi tiny computer I’m using here to run some of my LinkedIn prospecting has a hardware issue so I’m eagerly awaiting a replacement Saturday which will hopefully work better and get me back up to semi-automatic speed rather than slow manual speed for making connections on LinkedIn.