Day 848 – Wednesday

I had an in-person meeting with someone I’ve been talking to for a while.

Still not sure if we’ll be able to do business. He needs to figure out what he wants to do. To a large extent, he is mostly getting in his own way. We’ll see. It was good to get out of the house. We met outside of a Caribou coffee. No indoor seating and masks required indoors there. And now the MN governor has issued a statewide mask order which is good.

Had a nice rest of the day. The weather remains delightful. It was cloudy and cool all day today. I think it’s supposed to get a little warmer tomorrow.

Oh, and the MN State Fair has announced a “drive through parade” event for 3 consecutive weekends during the normal dates of the fair. $20 for the privilege to follow the driving route and then 16 food vendors selling their stuff. It’s expected to be a “multi-hour driving experience”. I think we’ll pass. A couple of the food vendors would be interesting but we can find similar things by driving around. The goal is to raise operating funds for the fairgrounds which is a worthy cause. I expect it will sell out.