Day 832 – Monday

A lot of surprising business things came together in one day.

I had been interviewed for a local Twin Cities podcast a couple months ago and that episode was finally released. This led to come outreach of various sorts from people on LinkedIn which was positive.

Someone I’m working with suggested that maybe we should partner on working with a potential client of theirs.

Someone I’m decidedly not working with (but had spoken with in the past) reached out though I think it was accidental and possibly automated. I suspect somehow the small ripples caused by the podcast episode triggered that.

A sales call I had scheduled today turned out to be a misunderstanding. He hadn’t meant to schedule a sales call. Though he needs marketing help. I think he is trying to figure things out and wants me to get back to him in a month or so. I took note.

Other work got done.

I cooked a large batch of chicken marsala to store for our upcoming driving adventure into the wasteland.

It was a good day. I hope to capture that level of confidence for future days.