Day 826 – Tuesday

I ventured out and had 2 in person meetings today.

This isn’t something I plan to do regularly. In one case it is a local client I had never met in person and wanted to say hi. We met at a Starbucks which didn’t have outdoor seating. I was fine standing but she suggested another coffee shop with outdoor seating so I brought my drink and sat and kept my mask on.

We had a good conversation and caught up on how her business is going.

However I’m not excited being around people even if they have masks on. She was fine, there were other people milling around.

Second appointment was at my finance guy’s office. He is also a client and we have met in person but it’s been a few months.

I wasn’t anxious about this meeting, knowing how seriously he is taking everything. I needed to call first so they could let me into the lobby. It wasn’t locked but its a courtesy so they are ready.

My client’s office is large. He had the guest chairs about 5 feet back from his desk and he also has a small circular work table against the far wall and that is where I set myself down so I was about 12 feet away. We didn’t wear masks. I was comfortable with that given the distance.

It was a good meeting.

The pork tenderloin I cooked for dinner turned out well. We also had corn and the next to the last batch of beans from the garden for a bit.