Day 815 – Friday

Today I figured some things out.

I had been considering if I needed to change what market I was going after. Maybe the folks I’m looking for can’t pay enough. Maybe I need to look at larger companies (small business vs solo business). Lots of maybes.

Thinking some more and borrowing a couple of ideas and observations from clients, I resolved my maybes.

In the short term, at least, I have some very strong statements from people who have worked with me in support of the work I do. The statements I have are great. I can get additional material as well. I need to incorporate that into my marketing and do a second round of outreach and sales into the same markets using this stuff and more confidence and somewhat higher prices. And see what result comes from that. That solved my issues of the week.

I had my weekly company meeting with myself. It went well. The meetings are getting quicker as I’ve gotten more efficient at the process. Reviewing this week and scheduling out all of next week took about 45 minutes. I even put in spots to write this blog regularly.

Lastly, I had an outdoor front yard dinner with my daughters. I drove to the Taiwanese noodle place we wanted to try and picked up take out then headed back to their place. It was about 95F in the shade but sitting in the shade on chairs in the grass it wasn’t bad at first.

Food was very good. I’d go back. House made noodles and good seasonings. We had a lot of time sitting and eating and chatting.