Day 809 – Saturday

This was writing software day.

I had some work accumulating around the LinkedIn profile scanning work I’ve been doing. Because it’s very hard to predict how long it will take to write things, I can’t easily schedule time for this during the week. Plus it’s questionable whether I should write software at all so I consider it “hobby time”.

I basically got done what I wanted. Including seeing how what I’m writing is a very short step to replacing the commercial tool I’m using to do some of the same things.

The commercial tool has a friendly user interface and buttons and stuff. Mine is a command line tool that I couldn’t sell to other people. However from a consulting perspective where I’m doing the work for others, or I’ve trained someone to do the work for others, this works fine.

However if I don’t market this service to more people then it’s a wasted investment so I must me mindful of that as well.