Day 805 – Tuesday

I’ve realized that I’ve added to much to my schedule and not enough time between things to manage emails that come in related to the things I’m working on.

As in I “finish” something but the client has a question so that email comes in, etc.

Not rocket science, just a funny little mistake.

So I’m adjusting green boxes in my schedule. And stuff is still getting done and I’m pleased.

I’ve been going through a marketing training course and feel it covers pretty powerful topics. It’s geared for senior marketing people who want to quit their full time job and split their time among separate paying clients. And end up working fewer hours for more money.

That sounds sort of fly-by-night but it’s well designed and makes sense. I’ve previously talked to a couple of people who went through it and they thought it was a good program. For the extremely reasonable price for access to the course materials it’s worth it.

But I’m spending extra time going through it in case I should be adjusting how I’m looking for clients.

I don’t want to get into a situation where I’m full up on the wrong kinds of clients. I do have nice clients now. But I have an inkling I should be aiming higher (which leads to more money).