Day 801 – Friday

I had officially switched from doing Zoom calls to Google Meet until today.

When I’m switching back.

The jazz education non-profit I work with had a conference video call with me to discuss a new education initiative they want to do. 4 of us on video call. I sent out a Meet link.

It worked fine except for one guy who couldn’t get his audio working. He could hear us but we couldn’t hear him.

Then we could hear him and he could hear us but he couldn’t hear me.

I quick sent out a Zoom link and everything worked fine.

Zoom is overly complex and has a clunky interface. On the other hand, due to working from home, a LOT of people know how to use it effectively now. And it generally works well in lots of situations.

So I’ll stick with it and cancel my trial of Google GSuite which includes Meet.

(I’ll still cancel my Dropbox subscription. My free Google Drive account has enough storage for what I need.)