Day 799 – Wednesday

I gave a comped marketing consultation with a coach I spoke with last week.

When we first talked a couple months ago, her thoughts on how to communicate with prospective clients, how to present yourself, other things… stuck with me and I scheduled a call last week to discuss further.

That call was good, I learned a lot, and I asked how I can help her in exchange. She brought up again her difficulties marketing herself so we scheduled time today to discuss that further.

I gave her some good suggestions and after she asked if I’d be willing to trade sessions for her helping me with my business. She got my attention by asking some very insightful questions about what I’m doing in my business and I agreed. For a few sessions at least.

In other news I was intrigued that former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis finally found his voice.

It feels like times almost seem like there’s a chance they may be a-changing.

Ended the day too tired to work on the talk I’m giving tomorrow. I have not started preparing for it at all.

Seems in some cases I do like deadlines.