Day 769 – Monday

After a bit too much time evaluating graphic design tools, I’ve decided it will be easier to attractively layout this eBook I’m creating using PowerPoint.

I have a template, I can drag and drop stuff, it’s easy to edit the text, I can give the file to the client, there isn’t a monthly fee to use the software. (At least not for me. Plus I’m using Apple Keynote and saving as PowerPoint).

Good lesson learned. Again.

More pork, salsa, avocado, sour cream salad for dinner. Still yummy.

Chris and I took some cards and other things to mail to post office a couple of times and 2nd time I chose the right post office so we were next to the Vietnamese store. Got coconut milk, Thai basil, and eggplant.

Someday I believe going to the grocery store won’t be my most exciting outing.