Day 761 – Sunday

We drove back to the Twin Cities mid-morning and stopped at Sam’s because we were missing having beef. (We are down to the last of the 1/2 pig we bought a couple months ago.)

For the record I’m not worried about the beef shortages that Tyson Foods is trying to scare the nation about. I think the COVID outbreaks at meat packing plants simply shows how bad conditions are in industrial meat packing operations.

Anyway, Sam’s was pretty empty and they even had non-house brand toilet paper. We got some beef.

I had a nice video call with my daughters where we talked about the usual things and pondered if it’s safe for me to travel to Sacramento.

I’m more concerned about the nature of COVID since it appears to cause massive blood clotting. Which puts people with cardio issues at higher risk. That would be me. (See “Day 1” blog post for reference).

Laura had made chicken pot pie so steak is tomorrow.