Day 756 – Tuesday

Let’s call this sales day.

My first call with with a business coach I first spoke with last week. She and I had a good conversation, seemed like I could help her and after last week we scheduled for today for me to present a proposal to her.

I presented the proposal, asked her about what she charges clients so I knew my pricing was going to be reasonable. She liked my proposal, liked my pricing, and wants to get started right away so we scheduled for Friday. She needs help coming up with a focused plan for marketing her services. It sounds like she has a lot to offer her clients and really just needs some nudges. I like that.

Next a call with my finance guy for whom I’m doing some LinkedIn prospecting. He is really happy with the results so far and we talked about another way I can help save time for him. In a couple weeks we’ll talk about money. I’m giving him a free trial at this point.

Then a call with another business coach I’ve been speaking with for a while. She is ready to get started for real, told me about some other people she had spoken with who were right for her, and she is also ready to get started right away for the money that we talked about last time.

It was a good day. I had ice cream.