Day 754 – Sunday

After breakfast, Chris and I went to the co-op to get more coffee beans and picked up a couple of other things.

I realized I had not left her house and yard in maybe a week so I had the weird idea that we should go to Sam’s. Chris wasn’t crazy about this but went along. We were both pleased when we got there that there were not many people at the store. Last time we were there, lines were pretty long. This time was much better.

About 1/2 the people were wearing masks. And saw some people who by the look of them were probably opposed to masks and might have been at the protests yesterday.

There were a few cartons of toilet paper. We don’t need any but it was good to see some. We got some paper towels and dishwasher soap. Some chicken and beef and a couple other things.

Then back home.

Dinner was leftovers and Chris and I played several rounds of canasta.