Day 748 – Monday

Friday I had a call with a guy I met on LinkedIn. He is a sales trainer who is interested in systems for psychological profiling of his leads so he can be more in tune with them in sales conversations.

I think the theory makes sense and that this may also especially appeal to hard core sales people because they think they need a tool to help them figure people out. I can see there being some effective marketing done for tools like that.

Meaning I’m not sure it is strictly necessary and I understand why the idea would be appealing to sales folks.

For me, I’m not sure it really matters much. I may not know enough. Or my contrarian anti-sales approach in conversations may just work for me. I’ll look at the system he is talking about out of curiosity.

On the other hand, the idea of a survey or quiz to figure things like this out finally crystalized another idea in my head.

I’m aware it is possible to construct a quiz or survey that people will want to take because it helps diagnose the next step in something that will help them.

For example, a quiz on how well you are emailing your audience of leads or clients. One with different outcomes which gives you something valuable and tailored to your needs at the end.

Before I didn’t understand how to do that in a way that could also be a sales tool for me.

And for some reason, now I understand it. I started to map out the outcomes I could think of. What would help people? For example knowing how to grow their list, knowing how to figure out what to write in emails, knowing how often to send emails. And some of the more advanced outcomes would offer diagnostic calls with me which can lead to sales.

Maybe I understand more that my goal isn’t to sell. My goal is to get people on the phone so I can talk to them and then sell there.

Even there I’m often not selling. Just talking. And people sometimes ask how they can work with me.

I keep thinking I don’t have anything to write in these. And then I get entries like this.