Day 741 – Monday

My twice monthly mastermind group was today. I remain ambivalent about it but it’s ok. One of the guys is definitely improving his business slowly and I’m happy about that. The other guy is pretty hopeless. I’m doing some pro bono LinkedIn prospecting for him that will end this week because he doesn’t understand anything about what he should be doing. He whines when people ask to connect with him, he wants his hand held every step of the day. It’s weird.

Also had a brief call with a MLM guy from my old networking group. He wanted advice on a digital marketing thing he wanted to do. He thought he should do something really complicated and was looking to see if he could hire someone to help. I suggested a solution he could do himself to test out his idea and explained why this was a better approach.

Me effectively turning down potential short term business is strategic. He can’t afford what I would have charged for what he was thinking of. It was premature to do anything fancy in his world. And I’ve placed a wedge in his mind between anyone else offering to do something like that for pay. Anyway… it was 15 minutes. He has something useful to do. And I didn’t have to offer him something he would have turned down.

And I don’t really want to work with MLM people.