Day 731 – Friday

Had a promising call with someone I met at the virtual networking event Wednesday. She had a high viable food related business in Sacramento until California went on COVID-19 lockdown. We had a good conversation. She thinks she doesn’t have any money.

We scheduled a follow up call for next week. I’ll sell her on one of my inexpensive products that will help her then. I think she can afford me.

To avoid increasing stir craziness, Chris and I drove down to Northfield to visit Look Liquors. They are not open for service since the state is locked down.

But they are providing free hand sanitizer and they take donations. I thought it was a pretty clever gimmick since they already make alcohol it doesn’t seem a stretch to make hand sanitizer. They also sell cocktail kits so you can make high quality stuff at home.

Talking to Mark, one of the owners, I realized it was even more clever. They have stopped all production of their spirits and are doing 100% hand sanitizer distilling.

They provide sanitizer by the gallon for the Northfield Police and Fire department, also for first responders of various sorts in Rochester, MN and Mankato, MN. He is collecting jacket patches from the various groups so he can do a display when this is all over.

I imagine he’s going to get some pretty local new customers once they can open back up.

Everything they do marketing wise is really smart. And they produce amazing product. I miss their root beer.