Day 723 – Thursday

The business coach I’m working with wanted to do a live session on Facebook and I had prepared a couple of things for that. Unfortunately he was unable to figure out how to get us both on camera so it was short and different.

It’s ok. Technology is difficult and I have zero experience with doing Facebook Live. I’ll do one of my office hour sessions next week over it to get some live experience. I need to master everything about online communications.

Other than that, I had a couple of good calls. Plus one that was supposed to get back to me on buying my services but she had trouble talking to her partner again so they are supposed to schedule talking with me in the next week or two. I think that one won’t go forward and there were difficulties last time as well.

It is scary watching the exponential growth of COVID-19 infections.

It is scary not knowing how many cases there really are since our government failed, by design, to have a program in place to effectively measure the spread of the virus.