Day 692 – Monday

Chris and I are in Rochester, MN for the next couple of days. She had scheduled an appointment to check out her balance and hearing since she sometimes has had problems with vertigo. Since her insurance covers the Mayo Clinic, it makes sense to go.

Mayo likes to be thorough. Often a routine “doctor’s visit” can take a couple of days because they want to be sure they have enough time to check and test EVERYTHING. It definitely keeps the hotels and restaurants in business here. Rochester is a company town.

So back to the world of marble floors, wood paneling, comfy chairs, and hanging glass chandlers courtesy of Dale Chihuly.

I worked while I waited and she was done in a couple of hours.

We drove over to a restaurant we enjoy here for lunch. It was my birthday request because I really enjoyed the chicken and the chocolate cake at Chester’s Kitchen restaurant.

It was good though what Chris ordered for her main dish wasn’t that exciting. It was walleye tacos which buried the walleye under a lot of other ingredients and didn’t really make good use of anything.

My chicken was good and the chocolate cake was excellent. Chris had the bread pudding which was also excellent. It had a really good caramel sauce which made me think more about caramel sauces.