Day 668 – Friday

The snow here is really nice. It’s probably between 6” and 12” accumulation on the ground. There was also snow yesterday that has been sticking on the trees which is very pretty.

I had a couple good calls with existing clients. One to check in on how the prospecting on LinkedIn is going. We talked about progress so far and her next steps. Basically me doing coaching.

Then a new client paying me to give strategy advice for getting more clients. Again, me doing coaching.

Then a call with someone who had previously told me they had no budget for marketing. To which I had said that’s fine, I’m still happy to talk and see what advice I can give. So when we actually had a call, by the end of it, she wanted to know my rates and wants to talk soon about hiring me.

I got a new Raspberry Pi to run from Chris’ house and I got it set up ok but it seems to be shutting down after about 30 minutes so something is wrong. I contacted the support company after hours and ordered a new power supply from Amazon in case that is the issue. That will arrive Sunday.