qJumpStart My Heart | Day 661 - Friday

Day 661 – Friday

I skipped the morning networking group today because I needed to finish other things.

I had one in person meeting and a couple of calls. In person was good. This is a local business coach I found on LinkedIn. We’ll keep talking. I could definitely help him but that will take more trust. He seems pretty successful at what he is doing but it could be improved.

One call with a local marketing guy two people recommended I speak with. We’ll talk more and there may be opportunities to refer business to each other.

Then a call with my test client for LinkedIn prospecting. She is very excited about being helped and about progress so far. Early indicators are good but it will be a week at least before the trends are rally clear.

Talking with her and working with her are really helpful for understanding the help people need. It reminds me there are a lot of people with 0 understanding of sales or outreach. Basically where I was even 3 or 4 months ago. The value of my service is partly in the semi-automation of the LinkedIn outreach. And even more so how to approach people and follow up with them. How now to appear to be a stalker.