Day 634 – Saturday

We made our regular trip to the farmers market to get vegetables for the week. Hopefully there will be more lettuce in January but everything else we expected was there: broccoli, cauliflower, beets, brussel’s sprouts.

I went and did some more Christmas shopping after that. I’ll do one more trip Monday and then I should be done.

I’ve been fighting with myself a little over a technical project I want to do for my business. I remain dissatisfied with the stats that LinkedIn provides for how many views my social posts get over time. I have a way to do it better. It would be great and I’ve tested out most of it so I know it would work.

I finally again concluded it isn’t a good use of time so I’m pausing that again. I need to re-write much of the text on my main website anyway. It needs to better represent what I’m doing now that I’m having conversations with people about business. I need to have good messaging there to support these calls.