Day 605 – Friday

After driving Chris to school and working for a bit, I made more meatballs plus stuffed mushrooms for game night tonight.

The mushrooms turned out nicely. They are a fun and simple appetizer.

I started my LinkedIn prospecting system for myself and it will be a few weeks before it starts to show results. Plus I won’t be able to run it much next week while visiting my daughter. Because the system I’m using isn’t quite within LinkedIn terms of service, though I feel it is completely ethical and aboveboard, you have to start it slowly so as to not spook LinkedIn’s AI.

Even as it is, they asked me to slow down what I was doing which is fine. Given time, I’ll be able to speed up my prospecting efforts after I establish more regular patterns of behavior.

I had a brief call with the finance guy who wants help with the prospecting and he continues to be enthusiastic.

I met up with Chris after school while she was tutoring one of her students and then we headed back for game night. While waiting for Chris, I continued on the new web hosting project I’ve been gradually testing over the last week.

In testing, I managed to get to the point where it broke and realized it won’t work for me. Going any further with it won’t be a good use of my time or money. I really shouldn’t be spending any time on this. It’s far better to spend $30-$40/month as I’m doing to let other people make the computers go and I’ll just manage the web sites. I can do that latter part very very affordably.

As fun as network and server management is, I can’t afford to pay myself to do it. It will make a good marketing email topic though.