qJumpStart My Heart | Day 583 - Thursday

Day 583 – Thursday

In the morning networking group I met a couple of new people. One of them is a “marketing efficiency expert” and I was interested in learning more. At the least to better understand my so-called competition.

He ended up placing me into his automatic email campaign for new customers and his robot asked me to schedule time with he and his partner to see how they could help with “chaos” in my business. Which isn’t what we talked about in person. I’m pondering how much I want to poke him back about it…

One of the “life coaches” there was complaining about how Google has conspired with the CDC to censor health information. Best I can figure from searching online is that Google is down-ranking sketchy and bogus health sites because both Google and the CDC feel that promoting false and misleading information about health is bad for society. You know like info from the anti-vac movement. And pretty much any MLM based health product I can think of.

The joys of free networking.

My evening mastermind group was great. We had a good discussion about business social media that I wanted to have and it solidified my thoughts on a strategy there. I’m really happy about that.

I fully finished the online talk I was working on. 2 landing pages. 4 videos. Online mini-course tying it all together. I’ll start promoting it tomorrow and next week. It’s an experiment. I’ll be able to re-use the behind the scenes work and the overall framework for future related things. https://lptalk.thedigitalconcierge.net