Day 562 – Thursday

I met with a new life coach prior to the networking group. I was being friendly more than anything else. I’ll join my email list.

I had been planning a “Marketing Q&A Session” for this afternoon. I intended it to be an experiment in staging a minor online event, learn what people have questions about for customer research, and answer questions people have and be a good citizen.

Only a couple of people indicated interest though a couple others said they had conflicts. 4pm Thursday fit my schedule, though. One person showed up. We had a good conversation. I’m happy with the result but won’t do something like this regularly.

Ultimately I should do more social media to develop a following. I just don’t really like social media. Also, most people aren’t doing marketing or aren’t doing it themselves. So no need for answers.

The evening mastermind group had 5 people which is a good turnout. It continues to thrive as a group.