Day 560 – Tuesday

I spent a lot of time on LinkedIn sending connection requests to potential clients and researching and taking notes. Until LinkedIn stopped letting me. I was doing it too fast. Violation of policy. LinkedIn isn’t to be used for selling to people you don’t know.

Except lots of people do it. I’m doing it manually for now but I’ll go back to some automated tools in a couple of weeks. The automated tools are designed to take things slowly and look “human”. Apparently they look more human than I did.

Otherwise got some other work done.

Then heard from my daughter Catherine asking if my power would be off tomorrow. What? We talked, I had missed the news that PG&E, suffering a large number of lawsuits over last years “Camp Fire”, is turning off power to 800,000 Northern Californian’s tomorrow. The high winds that are forecast put the state at high fire danger and PG&E can’t afford any further liability.

Luckily for Catherine, her part of Berkeley should keep power. And Sacramento county where I am uses a different power utility.

Really, earthquakes aren’t anywhere close to an environmental problem I would worry about in California…