Day 546 – Tuesday

I went to my usual Tuesday morning networking group. It was sort of a weird mix of people. I think it was the imperfect storm of two especially self promotional people who were just annoying. If you are always trying to sell in everything you utter, it’s really tiring. Eventually during a group discussing they ended up talking to each other. They also are people who enjoy talking.

Other than that I had a good conversation with Steve before and after about email marketing strategy. I’ve been trying to encourage him to do better than what he has been sending out to his list. He’s stubborn. I am too.

Had a meeting with a potential client for a small landing page. They (husband and wife) want to learn to run their site themselves and buy out of any future services so I’ll quote training time as well. It’s also not going to be in English so that’s complicated. He may say no to the higher price. That’s fine.

In between had severe writers block on my marketing list email. I eventually talked my way through it and came up with something that might work.