qJumpStart My Heart | Day 540 - Wednesday

Day 540 – Wednesday

I went to the Wednesday networking group and decided it will be my last time there.

I did have a good and brief conversation with an accountant about email marketing. He said he would talk to his partner about it more. Mind you, I wasn’t pushing or selling anything at all, just talking about it after he asked and the benefits of it. He won’t get back to me and I’m not excited by writing stories about tax accounting.

Also, had a brief talk with the lead who inspired me to finish my email marketing course. She has to delay meeting later in October and I said that’s fine because I’m going to make it into an online course which excited her a great deal.

As for why I won’t return to this group, it had some of the same annoyances as usual. And then the husband and wife team (Chiropractor and office manager) combined their time for their networking commercial. That is fine, you can do that. Plus they had posted on social media about the group so by the rules, you get an extra 30 seconds to talk so they could have gone to 2 minutes. But they took 5. Because they were talking about this new sound based heart diagnostic tool that does really amazing work and can really help to see how healthy you are.

I consider it a cardinal sin if the people in front of the room moderating the meeting take advantage of their position. So this will save some time. I had to drop one since I’ll continue to go to Tuesday and Thursday and alternate Fridays. So far all 3 of those are attracting people more in my space.

I’m doing a brief talk on Friday at the networking group so I spent the time to write the presentation slides and prepare. It’s a topic I know well (email) so it was easy to put together and now it’s ready. I even bought ($4) an app for my phone that I can use to remotely control the slides. A program runs on my Mac to run powerpoint. The app on my phone even gets previews of the slides on screen.