qJumpStart My Heart | Day 517 - Monday

Day 517 – Monday

We got up early and Elizabeth and I drove Chris to work since summer recess is over. After Elizabeth and I did some shopping. First South to Greg’s Meats to stock up and then North to St Paul to get more chorizo sausage from El Burrito Mercado. Then stops at Aldi and the Vietnamese store.

The plan was to make another version of the ginger creme custard and Thai curry.

Elizabeth and I worked on both. The ginger custard I made using the ice cream method and it turned out very nicely. The ice cream method means mince ginger, put it in cream, bring cream to boil then turn off heat, and let it sit for about an hour. I strained out the ginger. The result had the right amount of ginger flavor.

During the curry making, and at Elizabeth’s suggestion, I opened some windows and more effectively kept the house not smelling like curry while cooking down the curry paste. Curry turned out very well though I think Elizabeth was surprised how different it was than my usual. I remember thinking that the first time I had the new way, as well.

Elizabeth and I had our usual nerdy discussions about different things from politics to genetics to medicine to social media.