Day 506 – Thursday

I worked.

Chris’ daughter, son in law, and grandson drove North to visit Chris’ parents for a few days so the house was pretty quiet.

In the evening, Chris and I tried a different ice cream place for variety. This was one she tried a few years ago on the journey that led her to Izzy’s Ice Cream.

This creamery, the Grand Ole Creamery in St Paul and Minneapolis has been around for many years. It looked like it had entertaining flavors so we drove over.

The ice cream was ok. One surprising thing was their portions are too large. I don’t normally say that but we both agreed. Their double scoop in a cup was almost a pint of ice cream for $7. The flavor wasn’t as good as Izzy’s nor the places that get their ice cream from the Wisconsin supplier (last one we tried was in Farmington). Grand Ole’s ice cream had a somewhat marshmallowy / spongy texture which wasn’t that good.

If it had been really good, nearly a pint of it would have been ok. This felt like a chore.

It was good to try.

After we went to see this month’s production of a literary reading group we like. Last month their venue was too warm (no AC), this time wasn’t as bad but still got warm. Plus their folding chairs are uncomfortable despite padding. Need to bring a fan and seat cushion next time.