Day 492 – Thursday

I went to an 8am early networking group. I was invited by a guy, Ed, I met a couple weeks ago. It’s a paid group I can’t attend but I could visit. A lot of the paid groups have attendance requirements so not only do you have to pay but you have to be there. Ed potentially wants to work with me so it was a good chance to talk after.

His group is just starting out so it isn’t that big. It was good to talk after and see what he is doing (he helps companies rank higher in search results). Ed has ben reading my marketing email list and that remains a good way to prove out that I can write. Get someone to join my list, let them read a few issues, and they think I know what I’m doing. Which I do.

Afterwards I worked on polishing the proposal I’m doing for the event planner I met with Tuesday. And I was overall feeling pretty anxious about a lot of things so I took a brief nap and later talked business strategy with my girlfriend Chris and felt better after.

My evening networking group went well. There were only 3 of us and so the format was different. We all knew each other from several previous meetings and the direction of the meeting became more Q&A and mutual support. I had been thinking of starting a separate group that runs like this so this was a good test. I think future meetings will follow a format like this. Online networking, I don’t think was all that effective so far. This is better.