Day 482 – Monday

The main excitement today was getting the Norwegian mug products set up on my girlfriend Chris’ online store.

I set up a simple t-shirt store for her Son’s of Norway lodge. Then we found an online company that will print t-shirts so we are integrating with them so we don’t have to ship anything. And they have this wonderful website where I can choose from their products, upload the art files for the Norwegian Minnesota logo we are using, and then set retail pricing and push a button and the product shows up in the online store.

They also do mugs so I set up 2 sizes of mug and pushed some buttons and everything was online. It’s incredibly simple and they also generate the images of your art on the product for placement on your store. I can’t imagine how it could be easier.

And I have professional experience with this having been part of a tech startup that tried for years to do just this same thing. Except when we would try to add a product to our catalog it took from between 2 months and forever which became ever more frustrating. That and other things.

Until I decided I should focus on marketing, leave software behind, and accept a major change of career scenery. (I’m happier, too, by the way).

But I can really appreciate what this company,, did and how easy it makes life for anyone like myself or Chris who wants to sell t-shirts and other such stuff online.