Day 479 – Friday

Today it was especially hot and humid.

In the evening my girlfriend Chris and I went to see Rosanne Cash in concert at the Minnesota Zoo. In the Summer they use the outdoor amphitheater where the bird show performs for music concerts. The Twin Cities have such a high volume of musical and performing acts coming through town that even the outdoor theater at the Zoo is considered a viable venue.

Its a nice setting. There is a lake in the background. There are trees.

However tonight it was very hot and humid and outside. So while we enjoyed the concert we spent 2 1/2 hours sweating. We brought lots of water. The concert was great and the clouds were beautiful (though they didn’t produce any real rain). But it was hot.

I believe if it had started to torrentially rain, the audience would have remained seated watching the show. It would have been a relief from the heat. The band was under cover so they would have been fine.