Day 468 – Monday

I took a good walk in the morning, the weather is still just a bit warm and not humid. I recall last Summer was a lot generally warmer.

I spent most of the time working. I started catching up on marketing emails I needed to send out this week. I had nothing pre-written for this week but got one done today and have notes for the rest of the week. I spent some other time working on a client website and re-wrote my Linkedin profile again.

My girlfriend Chris had her now only weekly clinic physical therapy appointment and I understand it went well. She is able to bend her knee as much as needed for recovery though she can stretch it somewhat more if she wants to. She is still sore but it’s more from muscle work than any surgery recovery at this point.

I’m thinking of starting another blog. I was thinking about this after our success with the new Thai curry recipe. I’d like someplace for longer form articles that don’t belong in my business blog / email list. But I also want something that doesn’t have a regular writing commitment like this one. So someplace to keep writing on specific topics so I can share it on social media and have it found by the internet.

It’s straightforward to set up, just need about 2-3 hours if time blocked out.