Day 450 – Thursday

I felt pretty good today.

My girlfriend Chris had a really good physical therapy appointment today. I remember her talking about how in her recovery from her first knee replacement (other knee, several years ago), it was a major milestone when she could ride the stationary bicycle and go around one revolution. She almost achieved that last week.

This week she went 25 times around. She also achieved the required amount of bend in her knee. She wants a bit more but she has basically checked off the major boxes on physical therapy recovery and done it several weeks before last time.

Part of it is her being better prepared for the surgery and the recovery. Part of it is more attentive care after the surgery (partly my doing). We are both very happy with how things are going.

My online networking group met tonight and it was a pretty good meeting. Smaller than last week but with as small a group as we have, any fluctuation will seem big. I gave the presentation since no one had volunteered and I thought for the time I put into it, it went ok. It was good practice and I was especially happy with the professional appearance of my presentation slides.

I’m not one to get that excited about presentation slides. I normally dislike them but I was using the techniques I learned in a course on online presenting. I kept them simple and followed a technique to make it really easy to create them and have a simple set of standard slides. I’ll keep practicing this.