Day 372 – Tuesday

Got up early to get breakfast and coffee ready. My girlfriend Chris drove to school as she has tutoring after so I stayed home and worked. I took a brief walk and settled into work.

Most of the day was an intellectual struggle with finishing my updated website and not worrying about it being perfect. I did manage to finish it to the point of being good enough and then started updating social media profiles to point to it.

And I revisited a short marketing video I had done for myself. I wanted to make a couple of edits based on audience feedback and found the editing software I was using was really unsuitable. It had worked ok before but I noticed it was adding pops and clicks into the audio. It’s supposedly pro level video editing software but given away for free. I believe the company thinks they can make money selling physical control panels for editing in the professional market (like custom keyboards and the sort of panels you see in TV studios).

Anyway, random audio clicks is a problem and I think just a defect in their software. I found a different video editor that I’m evaluating instead. One that costs some money but if it works right will be worthwhile. Stay tuned.

I’ve also had the random thought that I may be having the college PTSD dream about forgetting I was enrolled in a class more often than I thought. I realize I have the distinct real memory of having enrolled in a college class and forgot I had done so until final exam time. However I think this memory is false. (Because I don’t think it ever happened in real life) Memory is never perfect. And college can really mess with your head.